What Does "Checking References" REALLY Mean?

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13 thoughts on “What Does "Checking References" REALLY Mean?”

  1. Hi Anish. I've been unemployed for 5 1/2 months now. I've had second, and even third interviews only to be told that the company hired from within. I also have excellent references and a solid administrative background. I was recently turned down for a position that was paying less than what I was earning, but the company and experience would be an asset on my resume. After checking references (yes, I gave all my references a phone call) I was informed that the other applicant was chosen. Can you give me any reason why they did not choose me?

  2. I'm actually at this phase. I just interviewed and the interviewer seemed concerned about my technical skills and asked me to provide references to speak on my technical skills. I really don't know who to ask.

  3. What are your thoughts on automated reference checking and what that means for the candidate? From the candidates perspective, more of an advantage, less, the same as traditional reference checking?

  4. this is exactly why i only give my number to a trusted buddy or family to give a reference that i want. i can't be bothered to run after a former boss who is gonna be stuck to the truth.

  5. Why you need confirmation from previous bosses when you liked the candidate? This makes no sense. If he wowed you in the interview, hire him. I am sorry but this is it.

  6. I understand the importance of having a reference but what good comes from them helping you land a better job.

  7. Absolutely. You gotta get the references prepared when they get those phone calls from those employers to seal that up and close that job as your job and make sure you have positive references who will not bad mouth your skills or anything.

  8. The reason why is because they want to make the canidate look bad and smear them. That's how evil a interviewer really is. To find dirt to use against the canidate and use of defamatory on the canidate on why they didn't get the job they were hoping for. Those interviewers get the canidates Hopes up because they are really jerks.

  9. The whole.reference checking.process is utter nonsense according to me. It is almost interviewing the reference more than the candidate. Someone can easily make good references by beg and request but the real skill in the interview is to really determine the candidate's personality and not really need the concept of reference checks.

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