What employment background checking companies don't want you to know.

Learn why background checking companies are actually credit reporting companies, when they are required to give you a copy of your employment background check, and common errors on background checks.


6 thoughts on “What employment background checking companies don't want you to know.”

  1. I have added my passport copy and address to background check, i can see in hireright portal that feedback is sent, and i should reach the company im applied for, i have reached them, but they mentioned that they received my report i have to wait for contact from hireright. Im so concerned because i had an address in the past, couldn’t add it because im no longer able to remember that address. What to do ?

  2. Background checks are asenine judgements on a person's life. Imagine doing a background check on Abraham Lincoln, or even Napoleon. In modern times it's an evil way to control society and cause strife for those who just made a mistake. My parents were denied from buying a home…but another company approved??!! Just doesn't make sense. The letter stated it was "bad credit" from 10 years ago. They filed for bankruptcy during the housing crash in 2008…and 10 years of their life after they rented a home and never missed a payment. So they got declined for what exactly? Doesn't matter, it's a faceless scam to ruin people's lives who have it harder than the rich Freemasons of the United States. It's goes against American values of being able to learn from your mistakes and pursue happiness. Many generations did this before you and I existed on Earth. These people are evil.

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