What happens if you LIE on your resume?

What happens if you LIE on your resume?

Hello Job Seekers!

One of the things you should never, ever, ever do with you resume is to lie. In this free video we will talk about what really happens when you lie on your resume.

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8 thoughts on “What happens if you LIE on your resume?”

  1. This world is not perfect and companies CEOs are not transparent at all either. It never goes both ways. If you have to lie to survive, then do it (as long as it's not super serious)

  2. Also, you're in recruitment.Let's be honest your job is to save your employer's a** so you ain't adding any further value or in a position to give advice to job seekers. Maybe put out content to help employers ? or your preachings about honesty and transparency needs to be directed towards employers first. Be a role model and turn crooked corporates into empathetic organizations that value what they write on their mission statements then applicants will eventually be less frustrated with the job hunting process and also be transparent. It needs to be mutual thing, you know.

  3. There's something you don't get, so what if someone gets fired for a job if the truth is found when they wouldn't have even gotten the job without lying to begin with, the whole HR and ATS process is fcuking everything up, way too much discrimination on applicant much beyond their skin color and genders, you reap what you sow, and companies are gonna get lied to because they deserve it, this is only the beginning

  4. I am very young and tryna get a job. I really badly need the money to get out of my house. I’m planning on lying on my resume about my age.

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