This is just a quick video to help educate you on how the police hiring process works. Before working in law enforcement I had no idea where to start and what the process was like. I hope that this video helps you if you are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Yas Galvan says:

    What can you expect on the interview for background

  2. Jesse Suarez says:

    I applied passed the written, physical, oral board, next is background. What should I expect and will I get to explain things to my BI?

  3. Dimi Flipping cars nj says:

    If I join the military an do like 6 years would I able to be a cop easy without doing a lot of stuff?

  4. Mateo McBride says:

    Man I take my written On May,27 FOR KCPD

  5. jonathan rangel says:

    what about being a police in the military ? after is the process easier trying to be a cop civilian side ?

  6. Unknown Unknown says:

    Not all the requirements you mentioned are a must

    … I know first hand

  7. Anson Wu says:

    Dang I guess it’s different in states because in ny u do the hiring process then the academy then fto

  8. Remi Page says:

    What happens if you're trying to do push-ups but you had a dislocated arm before and you can do them but just not as fast as the minutes you're said as to do it what happens if you fail the push-up test but able to do anything else

  9. Yusniel Fernández says:

    Hey Officer Jones! Great videos man! Much respect to you! I’m looking to become a cop, in 32 and have no background in law enforcement, I live in south Florida, I heard first thing I must do is apply for the basic skills test and swim test, after that I can apply to the police academy. I just wanted to reach out and make sure that I’m on the right path with your advice! I do have my AA degree but not a bachelors

  10. LB.Marcus says:

    Can I be one if I have like petty theft expunged say if I stole some snacks back then

  11. Euro Diaz says:

    all the background clatter not necessary

  12. It’s JusJess says:

    Do I need a degree?

  13. Astronaut Kid says:

    Officer jones how do they go about employment history ? Because I had a few jobs when I was 16 & 17 that I only worked about a month. I’m 21 now & definitely wish I could go back and tighten up my employment history. Are they super strict on job history ?

  14. Wes says:

    Quick question from a new sub, I am trying to get into a police academy right now and I had a pocket knife in my backpack that was found back in highschool. My record was expunged and it was when I was younger, do you think that will be a problem if I explain it to them?

  15. Carsuuun says:

    If you have experience in the military as military police, does that help speed up the application process?

  16. J Cb says:

    Bro even if I have expungements on my records from juvenile hall and some trespassing charges as an adult I can’t become a cop?

  17. Madisen Annable says:

    It's not fair to the people that have criminal charges if you've changed if it's been a certain amount of time since the arrest or if you get them expunged. Drug history. I just think that everyone should have a fair shot.

  18. N R says:

    Did you have to take a polygraph test?

  19. ortegaUSMC says:

    why did you salute with your left?

  20. ortegaUSMC says:

    what is the hair regulation becuz your shit look out of regs.

  21. Ski Blue says:

    What are reasons they can put someone on psych review? Does that mean you didn’t get the job?

  22. Veroxe 1 says:

    How are you active with your unshaven poor hygiene ass

  23. Real Isssh says:

    F**ck the police

  24. Angry Apple says:

    here in San Jose California you only need 40 colllege credit

  25. Jim Karryl says:

    I AM A CRIMINOLOGY GRADUATE IN THE PHILIPPINES AND BOARD PASSER CAN I BE A POLICE OFFICER IN U.S sir? thank you i was about to move to us tru petition

  26. Jeffrey Wentz says:

    Not sure where you live bro, but it’s hella different in ga. the process here at this particular dept is apply, if/when called, submit packet, they’ll do the background investigation, then oral board, if oral board recommends you they’ll set up your polygraph, then it’s the pysch evaluation, then medical, then agility test.

  27. The PhD 2 says:

    Ok so I want to know exactly how they can find out if I did drugs? I’ve done MJ and steroids but how exactly will they find out? I did them while in the Army and no one found out and the people I did them with I put down as references so they have my back. I want to know how they can find out it’s not like they were watching me back then? Thanks! By the way I passed the polygraph!

  28. Captain Price says:

    I’m 18 and I want to be a deputy is there anyway I can achieve that? I have nothing on my record

  29. Ben Arias says:

    You talk too much. Your main points get lost in your run on sentences.

  30. Carl Stuart says:

    You don’t have to be a citizen in some cities Nashville, Chicago Hawaii, A few more accept green card

  31. Just some dude in his 50’s says:

    Need advice….I just passed the LAPD written test and working on my Personal History application. I also have an appointment to take the test for LASD next month. I am 50 yr old. I am physically able to do the job(I think) I want to know your opinion on how what is the best agency would fit better for me.

  32. Gil Arellano says:

    What about if you were around drugs? And you’re completely honest about it during the background check?

  33. Bryan Quiroga says:

    I have a question, I went to take my live screen fingerprints for California Corrections. I'm going, to be honest with you, and would like some advice. In 2013, I applied for a cleaning agency, that agency cleaned the sheriff's buildings. Even though I did not apply through the sheriff's agency, they to took my fingerprints to work there. The problem was that I forgot to mention it on my PHS form, do you think they will find out? They fired me from that job because I wasn't working the way they want me to, but it was 7 years ago.

  34. Cesar Sanchez says:

    I want to become a cop and join LAPD , im 21 should I go to school and major in criminal justice or what do u reccomend?

  35. Tammar Joseph says:

    Maybe your states requires a college degree not in my state so I hope you can be more specific for those looking to be cops.

  36. King_shawn165 TV says:

    What’s the difference between uncertified and certified police officer

  37. Alejandro Zaro says:

    I think you are wrong. If anyone has an expunged record, with "no action", you have the right to be a police officer, the only institutions you cannot say you were never arrested are two: If you work for inmigration or if you work for the federal. Law enforcement police wont know if you were arrested because you have the expunged record. Means, DESTROYED. Please explain that. Thank you.

  38. Jasmine graves says:

    what about the drug screening?

  39. KAMI KAZI says:


  40. KAMI KAZI says:


  41. jamaicanlovrboy says:

    i applied for the metro transit police department in the DC, Maryland, Va area and they denied me for a speeding ticket i had 20 years ago when i was in the military…….they said because i didnt mention it even though i told them i didnt even remember about it, moreover, the jurisdiction where i got the ticket couldnt even find the ticket when i went to find out about the ticket. That killed my spirit because it showed me what kind of department they have, plus at this point, it would be a pay cut for me as a police officer unless im going in as a sergeant lol.

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