What is the process of Background Verification Check/ Answered everything related to BGV.

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Welcome to Inspire Learning, In this video, I have covered almost everything about the process of Back Ground Verification in the organizations, What if you don’t clear the Background Verification Check, answered almost every question which you may have related to BGV.

In case if you need any further clarification do reach out.

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19 thoughts on “What is the process of Background Verification Check/ Answered everything related to BGV.”

  1. Hi guys, I have uploaded another video on Background Verification check where I have answered all your queries. You can check that out in my channel

  2. Hi Mam
    I have worked MNC 2018 to 2020
    And I went to overseas job 1 year
    Then I back to india joined my previous organization, May 1stweek when I joined first day I understand the project requirements skill set not suitable also I had another offer best package so I have informed to company HR on first day.i have not interested becuase I got best package and suitable opportunities so when they do background verification it will impact becuase I have mentioned my last experince.
    My manager scolded me like he'll she said when the background verification will give negative feedback.

  3. Mam joh mai present company mai job kartah woh bhut bhut bikar hai mai resing kiya hu toh yaha HR bolta hai ki background verification bolungah tum trust employee ni ho worst employee ho ..mera selection mnc company mai huwa woh hona bolkar aisa karah hai PLZ suggest kijiyeh kiya karoh mai

  4. Hai mam, I was worked in insurance company up to 8 month, I asked them for relive letter not experience, they said we have to go for money settlement of notice period, then only they will give letter like that,
    I have pays lip, offer letter and but no relieve letter, can I mention in my resume to fill my gap? Or if I mention that can I convince HR reason? Please guide me,,,

  5. I just want to know i have 2 year of experience in two different companies so should company cheack both ghe verification

  6. Mam i'm not having address proof for current address.i shifted my home just 2 month before.i have only address proof for previous home address.now what shall i do mam?? But i have only gas bill for address proof for my current residing house. that also present in my father name only.

  7. Hi one of my friend attended as proxy having someone attended behalf of him. Will the company do verify identifying the face is different? Or only the documents? Please reply and thanks in advance

  8. Hi Sushma, So i have got all details & documentation from my last employer, but my employer prior to my last was an start up & never got proper documents from them & they got folded too, i have mentioned experience with them in my resume but i believe background check with them would be almost impossible. Would it impact my background check even though my last employer approves me ?

  9. I got offer from 3rd company, with 1st comapnies profile,
    So i need to abscond from 2nd company.
    Will thia be problem??

  10. I have received Joining letter and Appointment letter but my joining is getting late because of background verification report.

  11. Hi madam,
    In bgc form I have updated perment and current address as same address. But actually my current address is changed. Is it possible after joining I can inform my HR my current address are changed.

  12. I was selected for Wipro have done a mistake on my passing date will there will be any problem all my certificates are genuine but in portal and resume i have mistakenly written 2017 as 2018

  13. Hello mam, mam I was working with the organisation but during the pandemic I lost my job, I had 2 years of service bond,
    Initially my manager told me that he will give me the relieving letter, but now he is not, what should I do. As I have got another offer letter in my hand, and they are doing the BGV.

  14. how previous company background verification check? Did they call the previous company and asking the same?

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