What is the process of company to perform background verification!

This video talks about how the background verification process takes place.

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What are the detailed steps of verification process?
Before initiating employee verification. It is very important to first take their consent. An employee first needs to sign a consent form which confirms that he or she agrees to proceed with verification process. The verification process is done either by the company itself or by third party agencies depending upon different norms and what kinds of verification needs to be done. Let’s take the example of address check in which the address has to be physically verified and photographs are also taken as proof. The other kinds of verification like police verification, educational check, employment history, medical check, reference check, etc.
After the verification process is completed a report is being sent to the employer if it is done by third party agency. The vendors give report which states only facts based on parameters. It does not state whether to hire a candidate or not.

After the report is sent to the employer, if it is pre–employment verification the company makes a decision whether to hire the candidate or not and if it is post – employment verification the company decides whether to continue with the employee or not. At times if the report is negative the company may choose to hire the employee only if the risk involved is minimal.

This video talks about different aspects of background verification process, background verification form, background verification permission, background verification for employees, background verification for contract staffing etc.

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  1. Hello please give me answer, i did b.tech in 2016 and worked in electrical company. I wanted to join an IT company. So i joined an institute of training and placement. I got training and they made me join one small company after that i tried in a big MNC and got selected. I told my training institute to give to help me as MNC wanted experience and they gave me a 6 month experience letter of their client company which they told me to upload in bgv portal of MNC and not to worry. I uploaded it, but i am in fear what will happen? Will the MNC abscond me forever or any court case or i am safe?

  2. Have Background verification chargeable or what. Means someone say you have to be charged for background verification. Company will not pay. Kindly reply me.

  3. Hi mam, I don't have the relieving letter of company A, how ever I have service letter from company A.

    Now can I join in company B without relieving letter but only with service letter?

    Please reply mam.

  4. Thanks madam.
    Now I have a question.
    I work in a government project with payroll of a company (let ABC company) in the government campus. The company don't know all of my roles and responsibilities in the project.
    Now as per my designation, I do website designing for the office. But besides, I have learned and practiced server administration on my own and mentioned this in my CV as an extra responsibility (which is actually not true) for applying to a big MNC.
    Now can I be caught? Can the big MNC verify that?

  5. Hello mam. Iam Kiran Kumar. Mam u r so cute mam. Iam really telling u r beautiful mam pls reply me… U r so so so cute.. Beautiful in really very good way

  6. Will resume verification be a critical check, in employee Background Verification. If I am not wrong resume is considered to be a marketing tool, so relative information (not completely fake) is fine.

  7. I have a ques..I have worked in mnc bpo.. notice period was 60 days there.. I was having pregnancy complications and I explained to hr to relieve me.. they said there's no such way in that company and I had to abscond after few days of notice days.. they anyways sent my service certificate.. its been 18 months..now I got selected for another bpo.am now worried what my bgv at last company looks like..pls respond

  8. Hi, could you kindly provide any information on organisations that conduct national level criminal background check for individuals?

  9. Recently I got "pre hire survey" mail. In that mail they are asking for company offer letter/latest salary revision letter/letter of appraisal, last three months’ payslips, updated CV and the completed salary fitment sheet  but I'm not able to send those documents because I'm a fresher.i don't have those documents..instead of those which documents should I send And is there any chance to reject.. plz reply

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