What Is The TSA Pre-Check Program | Transportation Security Administration Precheck

If you stood on those long lines at the airport waiting to be screened then you know just how frustrating this could be to many travelers. But luckily there is a program that’s been in affect since 2011 which over 50 million travelers have been able to take advantage of…and its called the TSA Pre-Check.


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21 thoughts on “What Is The TSA Pre-Check Program | Transportation Security Administration Precheck”

  1. Miko Philo says:

    I don't travel and my question is once you bypass the long line… do you still have to wait on those in that long line to board the same plane?

  2. MHG says:

    You can also participate without being a US citizen by applying for the Global Entry program.

  3. Carolina Oleynik says:

    Why do I always get TSA PRECHECK if I did no applying?

  4. Jacob Huskinson says:

    Hurray I can pay to do what other countries let you do for free!

  5. Gino Ristick says:

    Never applied for it but I allways get it when i fly out of O’Hare

  6. Mala's Word says:

    If you have a felony from 20 years ago and TSA does not approve you will there be issues trying to get on an international flight the regular way? In other words, will they flag you in the security system?

  7. Yiliana Badillo says:

    very helpful. Thank you

  8. jolie aranda says:

    Shit sign me up

  9. jolie aranda says:

    U have to pay 85 dollars

  10. Aaron Goss says:

    I've received precheck on 4 different flights and didn't fill out a single thing or request

  11. B T says:

    I have Global Entry which includes PreCheck. Not all TSA agents are aware of the program’s rules. I’ve been requested to remove my shoes in the
    PreCheck line as well as remove my tablet which according to TSA PreCheck is not necessary for Trusted Travelers who have been screened for this program. Even though I have been screened and paid the $100 dues, I am still at the mercy of a TSA agent who decides to ignore the refs.

  12. Wandy Calizan says:

    Money money this is all about money

  13. soolly 357 says:

    so basically before 9/11 we had that freedome…..now we have to pay for it…..

  14. Piper says:

    i went on a trip to disney and had to get on a plane (my first flight). I was kinda worried about tsa because that stuff stresses me out but some how we got pre check and i was so confused as to why we got to bypass everyone.

  15. K.D.P. Ross says:

    It's just rent-seeking.

  16. Orange Block says:

    What is this SHIT background music? And can he say "now" one more time, please???

  17. Stuart Lee says:

    If you have PreCheck, do you still have to remove your liquids and put them in a plastic bag??
    Anybody know????

  18. AlonSOAMAZING says:

    Will a tsa pre check overlook DUI’s?

  19. Big Russ says:

    Thanks for talking slower it's much easier to understand and comprehend you.

  20. Suave 45 says:

    Can I get this too fly into Mexico without a passport

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