What it’s like to buy ammunition at this California gun shop

Christopher Lapiniski, operations manager at Last Stand Readiness & Tactical, describes the hurdles to buying ammunition in California on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, at the gun store on Florin Road in Sacramento.

Video by: Xavier Mascareñas


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26 thoughts on “What it’s like to buy ammunition at this California gun shop”

  1. Kondorf says:

    those mags are so cute

  2. AbsoluteZero says:

    God, I hate California.

  3. Loc Hayatake says:

    Please give me the address of your gun store in san jose. Thank you.

  4. BlackBurn PB says:

    Criminals will just go to another state and buy it. California is stupid when it comes to laws to stop “criminals” from buying ammo in cali. Its stupid and against the constitution

  5. Molvert Fart again says:

    California sucks shit out of a silly straw.

  6. Tai Theguy says:

    All this, plus quarantine panic buying 10 months running.
    Last month, my buddy from Sacramento waited in line 40 minutes, to pay $1/rd for off-brand 9mm fmj, that was like 25¢ a few years ago
    They're creating a monster. More ppl will just build their own, and make their own ammo, or take a trip to Nevada

  7. iTrEG6 says:

    Does heights, weights, eye colors matter for the ammo check if input differently?

  8. UnitCharles says:

    CCP (california communist party)

  9. J s says:

    Still too easy for these psycho Republicans to buy. Should be illegal to buy anything more than 3 bullets

  10. Carl the Cuck says:

    Id be willing to bet money the democrats would waver these restrictions for illegals. As for legal residents?? Screw them. The government wants them defenseless of the enemy at the gates.

  11. Kenny X says:

    CA sucks. Get out while you can. Glad I bailed in 2017. Lifelong resident too.

  12. sluggou812beotch says:

    Ok they have you screwed on ammo but what about reloading components?

  13. Paul Marcel Hazelton says:

    Why aren’t they drug testing at the point of sale if addicts are banned?

  14. Cody Patino says:

    What a MESS

  15. Michael Clark says:

    This is brutal to listen to this

  16. Shamar Purdie says:

    Hey guys just my Glock delivered today from @Curtisparks on telegram he sells illegal shits affordably hit him up now!!!

  17. fubuh8r says:

    No ID required at the polls though.

  18. Danny says:

    California sucks so bad…

  19. Arcadio 238 says:

    I could buy ammo quicker in Ohio then it takes to watch this whole video on how to buy ammo in California

  20. Peppermint Patty says:

    I think I have a headache

  21. Jonah Marquis says:

    Just press your own

  22. Stee Locks says:

    Sorry but that's not how it is i walk into bass pro look for my ammo go to the ammo line wait then its my turn can buy 5 boxes max because of the country wide shortage sign two papers pay tax thats it super simple this worker is making it sound all dramatic.

  23. Justin Johnson says:

    Lol that’s California bunk as hell

  24. Bobby Shark says:

    I don't think there still a real vendor on telegram untill I meet @Glockg on telegram I got my pistol from him with licence on it with no issuer am gonna refer more people to you dude thanks for being honest with me dude

  25. Jeff Poljacik says:

    Commie cali

  26. Tom H says:

    Last I heard, a judge tossed Cali ammunition purchase laws. I don't know what has come of it as I don't live there. It is sad, but it is easier to buy ammo in Canada and at half the price…you can buy ammo in Canada from anywhere in the country and it gets shipped to your door

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