What looks bad on a background check?

In “What looks bad on a background check?” I answer a question.

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5 thoughts on “What looks bad on a background check?”

  1. Qtens says:

    Fredrik, in the grand scheme of things, are programmers seen as a disposable resource?

    I have a friend who's working for a big company, managing transactions and security matters at a big scale, she told me there are more valuable positions, career and wealth wise, such as system architects (for example).

    Is that true?

     I have heard people mention that a programmer can make as much as a manager, but now that I think about it… I hardly believe that's the case

  2. Carlos Escalante says:

    You're so spot on with your point of view that it is scary.

  3. Ksymena Basińska says:

    Hi Frederik. Could you please remove the background music? I really like your videos but the music is very distracting, it makes listening to the recording unpleasant :(. The content is grat though! 🙂

  4. Charolynn Elise Higgin says:

    Does it show how a person look ?!

  5. Lauren Flohr says:

    Do warnings go on your background check?

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