What May Delay, But Won't Disqualify You From Obtaining a Security Clearance

Filling out a security clearance application, or SF-86, can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have a few skeletons in your closet. Fortunately for most applicants, there are a number of issues, from criminal conduct to foreign connections, that aren’t automatic ground for a security clearance denial.

Please note that every clearance case is different, and this video is not offering legal advice or council. If you’re facing serious pitfalls or concerns, work with your facility security officer or seek professional security clearance assistance.

For more information on rebutting and appealing security clearance denials please read


18 thoughts on “What May Delay, But Won't Disqualify You From Obtaining a Security Clearance”

  1. So I had a lot of debt in the past, will my chances of getting through the security clearance still possible. I mean all my debts been charged off and no longer get bills. I'm not a security risk because i'd just be thankful to have a job/career in the military. I just wanna serve my country and have my own.

  2. Yes. In adjudicating cases where there is large debt the following factors are taken into consideration; cause of debt, response to debt, and the amount of debt. For more information google "The Impact of Delinquent Debt on Security Clearances"

  3. I filled out my form SF-86 about a month ago & it was missing some information about contacts & legal/medical history specifically, I was charged as a juvenile for truancy & Disorderly Conduct (fighting), & also was misdiagnosed & treated for a few months for ADD. I don't know if I was ever officially un-diagnosed. My Navy recruiters both told me not to worry about these things. I want to A-update my SF-86 to include these & check over my info B-ask my recruiter for a signed Memorandum

  4. saying that I intended to put this info, but he suggested against it, or C-wait to be interviewed & express my concerns to them. Which do you think is my best option? Also, what do I do if I have no knowledge of the doctor who prescribed medication for me? I don't want to be pressured into lying to MEPS again, but I'm afraid to admit that I omitted information in the Form.

  5. From our articles entitled "Falsification of Security Clearance Applications".

    "When applicants are given an opportunity to correct false information but repeat their false assertions, mitigation becomes impossible even if they later tell the truth."

    If you believe it needs to be told, tell it.

  6. How do I know if I filled out an SF86 or not? I don't believe I did, judging by the contrast between the document I filled out and the one at


    I am assuming there is a universal form identified as "SF86" and if I did not complete the form at the partial link provided then I did not apply for a security clearance. Is this correct? Also, I am curious if I should not speak about the SF86 and whether even this comment would harm my chances of getting a clearance.

  7. If you filled out an SF-86, you would of remembered. You would have filled it out through the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) system. You would know.

  8. Even if you were disqualified and didn't get your security clearance.
    You have no reason to worry, since your SF-86 data is now safely in the hands of the Chinese goverment.

    They have all your contact information, and very soon, you will be receiving a job offer you can't refuse, from a Chinese military security service. (Spy agency).. 😉

  9. I'm about to take a full scope poly, if I have been on pain medication legally for quite a while, would that be a red flag?

  10. Would they be understanding if u are under identity theft? My husband has a family member who takes took his identity to apply for cars, credit card loans, etc.. We have police reports, but I fear this may not be enough. Has anyone been through this?

  11. I started getting security clearances and drug tests when i was 16……for over 30 years……

  12. If I have a license to carry, will that harm me during the process? I am asking because I am a licensed gun owner.

  13. Polygraph- Unusual drug use, sexual activity, gambling issues, any addictive behaviors. In short, if you wouldn't tell your parents i wouldn't tell them.

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