WHAT NO ONE’S TELLING YOU ABOUT ONLYFANS. Today’s video is all about what NO ONE is telling you when you start OnlyFans. Truth is, it’s not about how much money you can make on onlyfans, that money is not as easy as you think. It’s important you know the biggest regrets and mistakes on OnlyFans to make an informed decision. Thank you for watching, and comment below if you have OnlyFans related questions + make sure you’re subscribed.

And let me be clear, this is not meant to shame or judge people who have an OF. As a survivor of the commercial sex industry, I want to share some of the potential downsides with those who are thinking of starting one (and have the privilege of choice).

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18 thoughts on “WHAT NO ONE'S TELLING YOU ABOUT ONLYFANS (onlyfans advice)”

  1. IDK…Easy money always seems to turn an ugly head these days… I sure wouldn't take such a chance!

  2. You are so nice to be so considerate even though you seen the darl side of this industry and still care for girls who might want to join you. You have a big heart.

  3. A guy here. I had a feeling it's not good for you, but I didn't have the right words or explanations to explain my gut feeling. One point you mentioned but haven't elaborataed on, I think could be added to your arguments is: If you're attention is all on this is hard for you to put your attention on more constructive investments for your future, like education. You basically invest in something that will devalue with time and age.
    Another example I've heard it's that in my country at least, prostitutes were earning 4 times the average salary. But somehow they managed to spend it all, they just bought clothes and i think most of it was going towards compensating themselves. For some reason they couldn't save it. So I think this can be somehow related or be similar with the effect.
    But one question. Some girls say, oh, but it's all virtual nobody touches you, so what's the problem?. Do you think it still has that effect even though it's all virtual?

  4. Thank you for making this. I'm fairly young and still find it sad to see the direction society is going in. It definitely feels dramatically different than the world I grew up in.

  5. #1 reason: God isn’t pleased and wants you to turn from your evil ways & surrender to him because he loves you all so so much that he wants to keep from facing the wrath of God for those who are wicked and aren’t truly living for him. Your life is in the Lord God’s hands whether you believe in him or not. Whether you TRULY follow him or you don’t. Be wise on how you live your life and spend your time on this earth. Life is short. Don’t die in those sins. Die as being the God pleasing and being his child. Not as God’s enemy please.

  6. I’ve never heard of onlyfans until 5 minutes ago on TikTok and came here to see what it was talking about. So it’s basically selling sex wow praying for the young lady on TikTok and others who now regret this. Your worth more beautiful, Jesus Love You ❤️❤️

  7. It is a wonderful app. I have downloaded the 4fans app and it is easy to use, I can share my pictures and videos. I also can chat with my fans easily. I just shared my profile link on my Facebook andInstagram mainly, and I get cash out easily. Thank you

  8. You can use 4fans to save some money on the side.It is simple, you can create your account, share your link in your Instagram or whatsoever social media accounts, and wait for the results.

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