What not to do when applying for Low Income Affordable Housing

This video is advising you what not to do when applying for affordable housing.

If you haven’t already done so, please watch my first and second video. Click the links below.

Comment below with any questions you may have. If you are currently in the process, comment below and let me know where in the process you are.


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  1. Talz – what are the exemptions for full time students? Likewise if you are not currently living in NYC what are the eligibility exemptions! AWESOME VIDEO – #lovinit

  2. Hi I was wondering if you can assist me , I applied for low income housing 5 years ago , when I applied I applied as head of household, I never received my re/certification to remain on the waiting list , it must of got lost . Now they told me I have to re apply , but a young gentle man was so kind he told me to submit a letter stating that I never receive the re certification letter . And they might re consider , my status has changed , I’m currently unemployed, I recently got married my husband works full time , we don’t have a stable place , please let me know if there is anything you recommend. Thank you for your time .

  3. If you are a full time student receiving public assistance :cash assistance and snap are you eligible for the apartment ? also if you aren’t receiving any of these benefits and you have a job but you are a part time college student would you qualify ?

  4. Is it possible to put my brother on my lease for him to stay in my apartment ( studio ) later on while i'm leaving for another ( two bedrooms ) with my family of 4 ??? Or is it possible to have two addresses while you file for your tax returns??? Is it affect anything ?

  5. Hey I was listening to you and you are so right don't lie it will catch up I have sec8 NYCHA housing I'm looking to move back to queens and it's so… Hard to find a place will they connect me to a housing in queens I was looking to move in the Pomanok housing what should I do

  6. How do a person apply for low income? Only has temp job but hasn't worked in months due to personal and job issues and have no kids?

  7. Im seeing a psychiatrist because of long time of drug an alcohol abuse I formally was doing great however I have used again and am telling my Doctor about it.i been taking here say advise and I am looking for houseing in section 8 thrue my mothers section 8 plan.is it possible? Once again I'm 5 months sober and I need houseing to help.thankyou EddiebertoRamos.36yrs old

  8. My mother relays on me she comes home every night and I would like to give her some time to be paitiont on my Doctor. Please be paitiont mom…

  9. I am loyal and mistaken by a judge…i also dilute my way of not a abuseing drug.i study my ways of remembering subjects in high school and as a job Corp aword holder I council myself.i am aware of housing haunting guid.please note me as awear.if that changes I'll become a tenent..thanks.

  10. What about unemployment is that considered income … it only last a certain amount of time but idk ?

  11. I just spent 10 years on the net trying to get my Affordable Housing question answered. I think this would be a good subject for you to do a video on cause there is no other information online about it. Can a Landlord require someone that lives in an Affordable Housing unit to obtain Liability Insurance in order to get that Affordable housing unit? Same answer applies to Housing Choice and 40B properties….that might help you find the answer if you dont know it already.

  12. Hello my wife have been getting PUA unemployment due to Covid 19… if she hasn’t reported it yet cause recertification have not come yet I want to know do you have to report it and if you didn’t would you have a chance to pay the difference ?

  13. Funny how this people the comment section are asking questions to get around this to get housing stop lying and let the people who actually need it get these apartments

  14. Hi is rent calculated from the last 6 months of bank statements? Or current income? I have an award letter for a much lower amount that started a few weeks ago

  15. So what happens when u was living in low income housing and left your housing because there was domestic violence and then got approved now for the housing authority public housing what happens if you get into public housing does it effect you if you got evicted because I just left and feared for my life and I didn't tell no one I just left will it effect me in the future with public housing???

  16. Housing takes very long!!! I know a person who applied for it years ago and it took them 15 years later to get it. Also, whaT happens if you are still a still but your school is shut down and is waiting for to get accepted to the new school do you still have to provide that part of the information?

  17. I have a important question regarding the affordable housing program with HUD. I applied for a affordable housing that was privately owned and they received the Tax Credit. The Manager asked for Income and I was honest I received SSDI and I am Disabled, I was also homeless due to family issues with regards to my ailing mother. What they didn't realize is that I have applied for Section 811 because my son with Neuromuscular disease and uses a electric wheelchair had no section 811 Program's but I was on awaiting list , this is in 2016. My sister tried to evict me and my son's, I wouldn't hear of that I was trying to find an apartment that is in Tennessee Eastern part and the rents were very high where we lived in our area some of the Realtors and rental agents were discriminating they didn't want my son's wheelchair in their apartments and the reason why I know the terms and how they were handling it because I was a licensed realtor and this state for a while long time and so I knew what they were getting at and who could afford their prices being on Social Security so when I was getting threatened by my family I contacted one of the congressman and they started helping me and they did a geographical study and confirmed that yes we were in need of affordable housing this is how it got started and there is in our area now constructed now we have it but we still need a lot more but unfortunately I didn't get it on a place to live and when I did and I filled out this application for this affordable housing that I was telling you about she was asking me a lot of questions to manager and I told her the truth I wasn't getting no child support for my son I wasn't getting his social security check she knew about it because of the situation with the county put me under and what my family has caused the issues and it was a summer and I was planning on hopefully having my son come home where he was at and graduate with his peers and I was fighting hard even though I had no attorneys to help me or nothing I was really on my own thrown to the wolves and I explained to her if my son comes home he's going to need an assistant either probably a living because there's no way I can take care of him anymore lift him up and down cuz of my health issues and when everything was said and done we did a walk through and realized that they gave me a three-bedroom cuz I guess I fell in the category the money situation the income so I was grateful the place was big I had it already I had to refurnish everything took me a while but I got it to where I was almost done and things started happening little by little with the money first I was paying like over 600 and some dollars a month and then I finally get a letter from section 8 so I went down there and I gave her all the information that I had what I gave to the apartment complex cuz I was already in there they came out they approved my apartment and then I finally got a Section 8 voucher but you know living on Social Security One income and wasn't getting any help with any electricity I didn't have food stamps at the time or nothing I mean I was broke I had nothing but I had to do this because I was under court order to provide a decent place for my son to that was a handicap accessible and it was new brand new so I knew he would be safe because he's got respiratory issues because of his disease and I was so excited that I finally got my own place and hopefully he will come home and I have to you know go to court which was very hard I never knew did you did your system but anyways I was really starting to fall behind in the ranch because of everything going on and I reached out to this organization that helped us before with grants for their disability and she told me that I was eligible? So she forgot to send me the application but she had on my paperwork and she told me what to send in and I didn't I said how long do you think this is going to be cuz I'm a little behind on the rent and she said well you should know something within a few weeks then a few weeks went to a month and then a month went to another month and she kept saying that we had so many people television notice and I was trying to work with them and I was going to every organization for help so I finally reached out to Section 8 and told them that I have an issues and I told him what was going on and I said you know I'm not giving my sons income and I need my rent to be a little lower and to do something here and they asked me well how come that you listed your son's income on the application I said well I didn't unless I told the manager she still insisted and seeing his money when she knew I wasn't getting that were child support she knew the situation that I was trying to get my son back and I was fighting hard but she still wanted to see how much you got in Social Security I had the hardest time from Social Security of getting her that letter but I had to pull teeth and get it because they did not want to give it to me and I told her this and she got it and she based my rent off of his money knowing I didn't get it so because of that they came after me they started discriminating against me telling me that I what am I doing in the three bedroom that I need to go to a one-bedroom when this apartment complex only had two and three bedroom apartments there was no two bedroom available and the management gave me what they gave me and I accepted took it because I didn't know what else to do well I tried to fight this and Section 8 terminated my voucher when I'm almost 60 years old now and I'm having problems trying to find anything an apartment and you know I'm just tired of this I was a taxpayer I paid my taxes for 45 years you know I can't help but I'm damaged because of lifting my son all these years and now I have nerve damage in my back and neck you know I'm trying hard to put my house in a home together and I'm tired of being attacked you know for no reason and these rules and regulations that these landlord management companies come up with is ridiculous I feel like we're living in a prison we can't do this can't do that, there's always notes posted on the door about something but other years I've been in a real estate I never heard or come up with all this I mean we do have a constitutional right we do have civil rights of Human Rights disability rights people are not following them companies are not following them they just regard federal guidelines and it's causing a big problem and a lot of us that are older you know think that the government is trying to control us and being high risk for the covid where do we go what do we do they get away with it they get away with lying they get away with breaking HUD guidelines the do whatever they want to do these business owners that own these tax credits I feel it's though it's a brand new place and here's another one they come in and they take your security deposit they don't put it in escrow like they're supposed to and next thing you know they're finding a reason to evict you so they can keep the money the security deposit and to pay their bills I think it's wrong and I also believe it's wrong when someone's using the state that their corporation is and and not the state we're living in how could they get away with this that's my question can you answer this then can you answer this other question that they had that anybody can get evicted that's a leaseholder a tenant regarding your visitors this is what's in our lease we all are visitors if anything should happen that we're responsible for that and we can get evicted that's another thing I never heard of I think it's just crazy that we have to now shows up for an hour or so or less you know what I mean and I guess we got to do a search and get background checks or something to find out if they are involved in any past history or present any criminal records I mean I think that's a violation of somebody's privacy and their civil rights can you comment on that.

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