What they tell in reference checks

This video reveals what happens when you apply for a job and they check a reference you gave them or a boss from a former job. A viewer asked about this because he wanted to know if they would tell that he was fired or laid off.

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7 thoughts on “What they tell in reference checks”

  1. I didn’t think they could reveal that much. So that leads to my question, I have an interview coming up and I’m wanting to know how to answer those interview questions so I land this job? Thanks!

  2. Hi, just wanted to have your advise. I had an interview, a written test and then a second interview. After a week the HR officer asked fo three professional references and sent me two forms to sign. The first is a biodata form, where I put all details regarding academic and professional background as well as my annual salary. The second is an NDA ( non disclosure agreements) which was about which was a confedentiality agreement to protect the company's data to be signed by me and the COO. Does this mean I will get the job

  3. What do you do when companies go out of business? Or when someone critical you need as a reference has passed on, or otherwise made themselves unavailable to reach out to?

  4. that's incorrect, an employer reference must provide an *accurate, true reference regarding performance*, otherwise you can sue them under tort law for defamation, etc., the issue is, will you find out what the former employer informed the new employer, most employers just disclose title of position, duties of the role, start/end date of employment

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