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Tenant employment verification is important so that you can verify your applicant has a job.

We make thousands of these calls every year and you can learn more on this blog post:

You’ll want to verify they are employed, how long they’ve been employed for, along with if they’re a full or part time employee.

About half of employers will tell you how much they make as well.


7 thoughts on “What to ask on a Tenant Employment Verification Call | RentPrep”

  1. this is really sick. you guys are asking for contract of work and then youre going to call there even if you have all information? whats wrong in this world really. embarassing!!!

  2. What happened to confidentiality and data protection? No reputable employer would give out all that info about their employees.

  3. It's a fairly recent law, but HR can not obtain information pertaining to past salary. So I highly doubt that anyone would ethically give out this information. Just get a paystub to confirm pay.

  4. Lucy's voice acting LOL. Such a professional Vid until she comes along. Found your blog to lead me here, this is great info

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