What to expect after an expungement in California – Expunge Your Criminal Records

Please visit us at or call 877-573-7273. Criminal Defense attorney talks about what to expect after an Expungement of Criminal Records in California. In this video we answer common questions our clients have after successfully expunging their convictions. If you are looking to have your criminal record removed please take our online Free Eligibility Test.


13 thoughts on “What to expect after an expungement in California – Expunge Your Criminal Records”

  1. Problem is will it still show up in law enforements computer? I have a DUI and it's the only time I've ever been arrested and would like to erase it. But if the police stop me and check my record i believe it will still be there.

  2. it just seal it.. All record it still able to see by The whole world honey>>> FBI can seeee no what happen.. it's still there

  3. @wyaa71 i love how such an uneducated person who cant even type up a readable sentence is trying to tell this lady (a lawyer) whats up lol…. I'm sorry but im gonna listen to what she has to say over you lol.. i would hate to see what you would sound like if it were you talking in this video and not her. "we'll my nikkas, gettin dat felony expounged really dont be helpin yall and shit, it still be showing up honey!! lol uneducated people make the world go around lol 🙂

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