What to Expect During Your Security Clearance Background Investigation

Preparing for a security clearance background investigation? Investigations range from a basic credit and criminal background check to in-depth interviews with family and neighbors. From a public trust to an SSBI, here’s what to expect.


11 thoughts on “What to Expect During Your Security Clearance Background Investigation”

  1. If investigators find felony behavior (not violent crime) in your past, even though you weren't convicted, can you be placed under arrest or turned in to authorities?

  2. For secret clearence: If u have an old derogatory that fell off due to lenght of time, should u list it down and try to pay it even tho it has fallen off?

  3. So when I was 19 I opened my own construction company with a partner, my partner ended up stealing most of my tools and customers so I spent everything I had and maxing out my own credit cards trying to keep my business afloat and even ended up being homeless for a bit. I live in a small town where jobs are scarce for about 2 hours drive one way in any direction. So I haven’t had a chance to pay off all my debt. Would this stop me from getting top secret security clearance? I always paid more than minimum payments and paid before they were due. At 19 I had almost an 800 credit score and have proof of that as well. My debt is only about $11,000 to $12,000 currently so it’s not entirely that much money.

  4. Snowden passed it, then he did a big no-no. Security clearance, so many have passed it but have betrayed all expectations, even though their work did so much for them. Snowden was making 200k on his intelligence job. He's one of several too who did the no-no!

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