What to include in Employee Background Check?

Explain : Employee Background Check

1) History of employment
You should check the reference given by the employee, plus, confirming their behavioural and working patterns with previous employers is important as well. This way, you will gauge their general performance, dedication, and inclinations.

2) Criminal background
It is just that the employee you are hiring is not having any criminal history. Mainly for the profiles related to security or trust, it is inevitable.

3) Credit history
Knowing the credit rating of your employees is also important, and you can do this by doing employee background check for the credit history. This demonstrates the honesty of the employees.

4) Terror Watch List
For the businesses running in countries like the USA, checking Terror Watch List of their candidates is very important. Again it is a must for security jobs.

5) Checking Social Security
Employee Background Check – 4
Businesses should check the legitimacy of Social Security Number. Proper background check of different names, aliases, date of birth, history of addresses, etc. come in this.

This way, you can know if the candidate has been living with other names or anything fishy which is not available in criminal records.

6) Checking public/court records
You can do this to check if the employee is involved in any sorts of court proceedings or not. This is very significant in picking the right candidate that can offer complete dedication to the job profile you are planning to offer.

7) Reference checks
Employee Background Check – 5
You can opt for two types of reference Employee Background Checks, and they are personal and employment. Choosing both of these will help you checking the trustworthiness, loyalty, dependability, and character of the employee.

8) Checking Sex Offender Registry
You mustn’t be hiring a sex predator, and that is why the Sex Offender Registry check has to be an integral part of the employee background check.

9) Education check
You should do this sort of background check to find out the authenticity of the different credentials provided by the candidate you are planning to recruit.

10) Driving Records
Employee Background Check – 6

In case your employee would be required to drive a company-owned vehicle, then checking driving records and license is essential for you.

11) Record of Military Service
There can be some key measures that you need to pay attention to while hiring a candidate with military service record. That is why checking military service records of your candidates is also important.

12) Compensation Record
Checking the candidate’s compensation claims from the past employers is also significant before hiring an employee.


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