When To Follow Up On Job Applications (And How)!


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So many job seekers come to me with this question, so I decided it’s finally time to give some insight! In this video, I’ll be showing you guys a sneak peek of just one of the templates I recommend to use when following up after submitting an application.

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25 thoughts on “When To Follow Up On Job Applications (And How)!”

  1. Thanks for watching this week's video! Drop a comment with any other questions you might have for me to address in future videos!

  2. I really like the topic but you were going really fast. I'm interested in watching the video about finding emails.

  3. Hi! How do we find who to contact especially with linked in postings of jobs! Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi maam. My interview was done and at the moment they done asking me questions, the interviewer told me that she will endorse me first to the boss to where position i will fit. She will also endorse me to the two different departments if they have any vacant position for me. "We are in need of cost accountants and we are urgent hiring. We will call you. We have your number here in your resumè, just standby we will call you anytime because I will endorse first your application to the boss." she added.

    The problem now is, it's more than a three weeks since my interview and now I am still waiting and having anxiety that what if they will never call me anymore?

    Base on what she said to me after my interview, do I have to follow up or will I just keep waiting because she said I will standby for their call?

    Thank you for the feedback.

  5. It’s been over 2 weeks now.. isn’t too late too reach out and do the follow up? Because I know that job start next month. Do I still have any chance?

  6. I have a question. I found the hiring manager on linkedin but she had a post saying to just apply and that she is getting tons of emails via linkedin. I can't find a company email address. Should I still reach out via linkedin? Thank you.

  7. i’ve had 3 interviews now where i’ve tried to act professional and interested and literally no calls back. minimum wage jobs are really giving me this much of a hassle

  8. I just used this today and got a response back really quickly. She said she would send my application to the recruiter! Praying for an interview call soon! Thanks so much!

  9. Wow, I've tried this and was on the phone with the recruiter in 2 minutes! Let's hope she invites me for an interview.

  10. I've never understood people telling me don't come off a desperate and why any job themselves would frown upon that energy its a job not a dating website and what employer wouldn't a determined person I don't really understand

  11. I got an interview. & a drug screening email (its required by the job ) later got a call saying it was a mistake ? .. im still waiting on a call back any tips? Im thinking of sending a email ? Should i ?

  12. Hi! When you say following up quite immediately, what is that in quantifiable terms? A few days or a week? Thank you!

  13. I love your templates. It gives an idea on how to address them appropriately so thanks for that. yes, please tell us how to reach out that gets results and keep the momemtum going that leads to meaninful relationships and better jobs. thanks again!

  14. Do you think it’s to early to send a follow up message after submitting my application 2 days ago?

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