Why are so many Uber drivers failing Background checks? Is UBER cleaning up?

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31 thoughts on “Why are so many Uber drivers failing Background checks? Is UBER cleaning up?”

  1. I've driven 4 yrs now. This was first time I've ever had to opt into them performing my background check.
    I had to wait 8 days till the report came back.
    I have a conviction on my record from 2005, and never had an issue with it over the 4 past background checks.
    I passed this one too.
    So as far as drivers having issues, I didn't. But I will remember next yr to opt into the check before it expires so I can continue to drive while the check is being conducted

  2. I think I have done my background check like 8x this year! Not sure if you heard, but lyft is no longer letting drivers drive outside of there county… It did it to me

  3. Pardon ID 55398, Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

    I currently have a record, which I have been working to clean up, that Uber was fully aware of when they activated my partnership. I did 6,626 trips over 1 year 9 months and never once got shut off over it.

    Once Uber makes the decision to deactivate you, you will not be able to get through to them except for general support which will give you canned responses. I tried to call Clark at Uber investigations' direct line, as he reached out to me after I kicked out the person who later had me deactivated. I left him several voice messages and never heard back. Uber is very good at cutting off all relevant communications when a driver is selected for deactivation.

  4. They are not legally able to go back more than 10yrs unless they are police, government or FBI. Get attorney if they do and sue for damage and illegally obtaining a background check.

  5. They deactivated me saying I wasn’t wearing a mask when I was, it’s a bunch of lies. I even had a 4.99 rating and drove for them 2 years FULL TIME

  6. I've been driving for almost 6 years. 19,500 trips with 4.99 rating and I had to wait over 2 weeks for my background check to be approved. I have never had this happen before. The last few years I would check off the box to have my background checked and when it was approved they would ask if I wanted a copy of it. I was able to continue to work. NOT THIS TIME! I was unable to drive for over two weeks. When I first signed up to drive for uber in early 2015 it only took 3 days for my background check.
    Uber doesn't care for the drivers at all and that's a fact!

  7. Good thing for me my previous work I had to keep my records clean so I could sell cars ….. but for this kover has the driver covered

  8. OH FUCK I had a DUI 20 years ago and am in the process of a background check right now with Uber! My theory is they might get a better insurance rate if the driver has absolutely no criminal history!

  9. I don't know this for a fact but I believe they are cleaning house. When things break after the vaccine is distributed and more of a "heard immunity" is established there will be a big push to recruit new drivers with "squeaky clean" records. They are taking no chances. It's just my feeling………. I understand that people may have had issues in the past but why penalize them today.

  10. I have a red light ticket which I went to traffic school for in 2015 but these fuktards have it on my background report. Is that legal?

  11. I pass my background check 2 weeks ago with lyft
    I half to do background check with uber wish me luck
    I had a assault and robbery charge but that was way back in 2001
    I was 16 years old now im 35 (2021) lets see what uber says

  12. I am a rideshare driver in CT USA and I hear riders say to me the driver is not the car match also goes for Lyft and Postmates my wife in a Lyft the driver tells her he is not legal here in the USA and I had a Posmates delivery the driver was to be a woman and a man deliver my restaurant food these are things that are not reported that needs to be look into what is going on with these companies. Meanwhile, in my opinion i can not get a break from reports for doing the right things.

  13. Mine cleared it says considered but I’m not back on Uber to drive I’m ready to go to a hub cause some are open where I am

  14. How many of those people who got deactivated told uber or lyft they had covid to get the money when we 1st got shut down? I’m wondering if it could possibly be that.

  15. I have same issue ny background check everything was completed feb 9 I am new driver today saying background needs attention its really rude

  16. I'm deactivated because I don't have My old license to up load. So I did the second option and uploaded my driving history and they won't except the state document.

  17. Please help me understand, I am a drive for Uber for 21/2 years. And suddenly I had a background check from Checkr. They found out that I had a speeding ticket. And now they they block me out from driving Uber. They close my account. I don’t know where I can find help.

  18. I have never had a dui. If someone can reach out to me in indigodande on IG that would be appreciated for a private message. I got a new car a chrysler town and country 2004. well new to to me. I moved from one state to another. My license in WA was in good standing. Never had any tickets or any problems. Checker comes back with some bs about like my license being restricted which I know for a fact it is not. It probably expired because I got a new state license. Anyway even if i do get pulled over for a headlight or something – I have no outstanding tickets. no criminal history etc. So checker has a new uploaded copy of my new state license and new valid insurance. They said uber wont share what they have on file. for checker to move forward with my background check dispute I needed to confirm with uber that my license document had been approved but uber wont approve it because of the inaccurate background checker did. Its a circle of bullshit and neither hand knows what the other is doing? any suggestions? In other words I am being unfairly punished because someone in customer service wont go above and beyond to try to make contact or work this out. I worked at a call center and I never ever EVER looped my customers between a rock and a hard place.

    Ok so here is what my background check says:

    WA LICENSE: Status no t provided
    License restriction Jan 28 2020
    License restriction May 30 2018
    License restriction Feb 21 2015

    I guarantee 100% I have NEVER had a restricted license.

  19. I have a clean record and they keep telling me it needs attention. I've submitted the drivers license photo 5 times and failed everything. Support is utterly useless.

  20. I'm still awaiting a background check and it's 10 days. What gives UberEats! And I have a clean background too!

  21. Ive been waiting for my background check to clear criminal record since march 17th 2021.. It is june 16th already and i just got off the phone with uber support telling me the same thing they told me for the past 3 months backgound check is still pending due to criminal record abd that they are not able to do nothing for me.. Mind you i havent been in trouble with the law for over 10 years..

  22. This is happening to me, Checkr usually sends a copy a of the report as soon as it’s done but this time all they sent was a email stating that they were reporting information that could be adverse but then stated neither Uber nor checkr was taking any negative action against me so I just called checkr today 6/16/2021 and checkr sent a completed report with the (wrong information) in it so I have disputed the report , however I already have an active Uber eats account so Uber already had access to my background (real time digital data) so I have been in limbo struggling to eat and make ends meat emotionally and mentally and physically drained I have referenced all rideshare legislation in my geographical location which is Chicago and nothing in my background is in contrast with rideshare standards so my theory is checkr and Uber has created a monopoly and chooses what information it wants to report and when playing off an individual‘s ignorance both of their headquarters are located on the same street in San Francisco California I don’t want to believe in a conspiracy but there is something definitely wrong
    Also the word adverse the etymology means Satan adversity

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