Why Companies Check Your Credit Score | #grindreel

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30 thoughts on “Why Companies Check Your Credit Score | #grindreel”

  1. Interviewees need their own checklist. In this case: Company has an unhealthy disregard for personal boundaries ☑

  2. Not sure how much I agree with you on things like "it's not my fault my family issues trashed my credit" or "it's not my fault my expenses are so high", etc. When I was homeless, I learned a valuable lesson: you find yourself EXACTLY where you put yourself.

    If you have bad credit, that is YOUR FAULT. If your expenses are too high, that is YOUR FAULT. If you "never" have enough money to float a few grand in your bank account to prevent overdrafts, that is YOUR FAULT (get a better income). Take some f7cking responsibility or die in a gutter. That is the lesson I learned.

    Conversely, if you are financially free, that is your fault, too. If you own some real estate, that is your fault. If you have low expenses and ridiculous income, that is your fault. If everything "seems to go your way", that's your fault. You find yourself exactly where you put yourself.

    You can whine about "how they should do things", but I think that's a waste of focus and time. You can't change others, but you can change yourself. Your credit is sh7t because you are sh7t. Stop being sh7t.

  3. I collected unemployment and got 1 check for 1 week. Then all of a sudden i was told that i was no longer eligible cuz the company disputed it (i was never given an opportunity to fight their dispute) and they made me pay it back.

  4. And then there are those who are poor and have trash credit precisely because they're not willing to screw people and not willing to lie about their shortcomings.

  5. Capitalism is becoming the new serfdom, and it will fail just like the construction of the Tower of Babel.

  6. I got Laid off 3 times 2014-2019 in California Homelessness going up Business leaving people Leaving. I Am trapped here no job still 1 year longest I have ever been without a job. These rich COMMUNIST Leftest And Hollywood Satanist Running California to Famon.

  7. As somebody who is putting himself through college (no thanks to my parents) and has been watching his bank account / credit score dwindle for the past 2 years this scares the shit out of me.

  8. Just an HR person confirming this is not something done in all states. No need to scare potential people from coming here from half truths

  9. Sorry, this is a bullshit excuse. If you're living paycheck to paycheck, that's your fault. Not a company's problem. If you're timing your bills around paychecks, you're horrible with money.

  10. This is why it's really good to try to develop your skills as an entrepeneur or as an independent contractor. You have a different set of challenges, but when you do it this way, you're judged more on what matters — the end product you can produce. And if you're able to work more effectively by outsourcing or eliminating focus on filler things (that you often have to look at while working at regular job), then you are able to make more money. Regular jobs can be really great, but relying just on a regular job leaves you stuck in this mess where companies are making (often inaccurate) judgments on you as a person based on criteria they believe is reliable. If you are working, use that security to take the time to work on a side business that can eventually take over your employment.

  11. Why does a miss payment stay 7 years what’s the logic behind that. Really gonna hurt someone because they had a bad month

  12. It's about likelihoods. Does having a bad rating make you disfunctional? No, but is it more likely that if you have two random peple one with a bad rating one with a good rating that the one with a good rating is less disfunctional in some way? Yes. I'm not promoting the idea, and I'm against my employer knowing my credit history just trying to state the point.

  13. So I'm in debt. I need a job to pay off that debt. Company doesn't hire me because I'm in debt. What the fuck can I do? Jesus christ.

  14. Insurance companies check your credit too. It's no joke–there's a strong correlation between bad credit and being at fault in accidents. People who manage their lives irresponsibly in one area tend to manage their lives irresponsibly in most areas. The same people who pay their bills a few days late are typically the same people who hop in the car a few minutes late and have to drive 80 miles an hour to get to work on time.

    I've NEVER had an employer balk at hiring because of "a couple of missed payments." Never even heard of it, and I did software contracting for many years. Having a good credit score is not rocket science.

    I also used to be a landlord, and I heard plenty of people tell me, "My credit report doesn't tell the whole story!" I believed it a few times, and without a single exception I was serving an eviction notice within a few months after they paid the first and last month's rent, moved and an never made another payment. Your credit report actually does tell people a lot about how you live your life.

  15. If you were baker acted, like I was, they can see you have medical debt to a psych ward. They can then use this to discriminate against you for having a disability.

  16. The only legitimate reason to check a potential employee's credit score is if they will be directly handling cash or finances. It's not unreasonable to make sure they don't have an interest in embezzling or something like that. Otherwise it should be illegal.

  17. What if you had already took the job but didn't know about any of this stuff and they had just gave you the onboarding after 2 weeks on the job

  18. Had issues with mine but then I contacted Forbtech on insta and had my issues fixed I recommend you contact him

  19. I figured companies would want someone who is in debt so they can pay you less and expect you to stay.

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