Why Recruiters Tell You To LIE During Enlistment Paperwork…

You walk into a recruiters office and they tell you not to worry about putting xyz issue down on your paperwork.. Why? And how will that affect you when you go to MEPS?

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41 thoughts on “Why Recruiters Tell You To LIE During Enlistment Paperwork…”

  1. I've heard that after you sign your contract they can change your mos because they need you somewhere else. Is that true?

  2. I was arrested as a minor never charged thru court no papers my recruiter told me too lie I didn’t go back too him because they will find that if they did deep enough and I don’t want too deal with the guilt and the wrongdoing of wearing a uniform dishonestly if I can’t join the military Ill just do something else with my life tbh but it’s better than catching a charge IF YOUR TOLD TOO LIE DONT DO IT you will you your life if your caught

  3. Me: I want to join the military it's my childhood dream

    Meps: Did I just hear you say yes sir to that Sgt across the hall?? gets disqualified

  4. I had a gonorrhea, chlamydia 2 years ago. Also, I had asthma, anxiety, depression, obesity (260lbs). Other than that I'm fine. Do I have a chance to go into Seals?

  5. My recruiter told me to lie about having asthma when I was a kid because I don't have it anymore. However, I ended up disclosing it at MEPS because for one, they scared me with jail time, and for another, I wasn't (and still am not) sure it was completely gone. They sent me back and I had to get a waiver. Now I'm at AIT

  6. So should I just pull my medical records for the past 5 yrs to see what’s up ? Do they even ask for medical history?

  7. Anything that is mentioned on your application WILL follow you throughout your service. My retirement exit interview was the only time anyone mentioned how come I had lived every location throughout my youth. It was because my Dad was a government employee, it was just the weirdest oldest question I have ever had.
    Some Recruiters/Retention NCOs will say just about anything toward the end of a quarter. It also goes for what office you discuss your application with. Suggest shopping around for what you are looking for.

  8. Should I lie about my adhd to join the army, it’s been a dream of mines to join and I haven’t taken any meds in the last 6 years and I’ve been fine without it but I’ve been taking the meds past the age of 14 and I stopped taking the meds when I graduated from high school and now I’m 22 and I really wanna join but I’m scared I’ll get permanently disqualified and also I’ve graduated from community college and I’m about to graduate with my bachelors in May so that’s proof that I’m fine without the meds

  9. I told my recruiter about something and he said something like “I’m not telling you to lie to meps but I have so many people come through here that I wouldn’t remember that you even told me anything”

  10. yep i was told to lie about my childhood athsma. i hadent had it since i was 7, dont get nervous they dont check anything

  11. Yea I wish I watched this video before meeting my recruiter cause I had to hunt down so much medical paperwork and it was a waste of
    Time and pointless

  12. I had a wart removed on my forearm and it looks a lot (like a lot) like a cigarette burn, will they try to say I did that and consider it self harm?

  13. I am headed to MEPS this Friday for my physical. I am prior service. I served in the military from 2009-2017. I am worried about the hearing test. Are the beeps in the same rhythm. Like every five seconds there's a beep

  14. so my recruiter told me to lie on all paper work and at the meps center ant at the time my dad was still among the loving he passed last month the very week i left to go to bootcamp and couldn't take living the lie. and told them i did have childhood asthma and was given a fraudulent discharge would it be impossible to try to reenlist or is that a no go btw it was an entry level separation and on the dd214 its called general

  15. My army recruiter told me to lie about my past depression and anxiety as well as other medical issues. As well as my criminal record.
    He said, if I say something then I'll get disqualified and might not get a waiver

  16. I just did my ASVAB yesterday. Unfortunately I need a Moral Waiver so I’m just waiting for that to get approval before I can go forward with the process. I can promise you they WILL find anything legal related if you try and hide it. Got DQ’d back in 2009 for that

  17. Why are they so rude i cant tell if its because they hate their job or if its their job to be rude to intimidate

  18. 9th ID patch (my first assignment) is hung wrong. Black side is on the bottom :).
    Now, for a fun MEPS story!! So, I was active duty from 88-91, then guard until 96. Got out, went back in in 99. Had to go through MEPS again. No big deal. Well, there, I failed the colorblind test (which I am colorblind). The E-4 told me I couldnt join. I told him I already had over 7 years service…he said it didnt matter. I actually had to get a full bird to sign off on me. No matter how I tried to explain I HAVE 7 YEARS OF SERVICE, one combat deployment, several deployments to south America, and one to England, one to Germany-didnt matter. Lol. It was hilarious. End of the day-I got back in. Such a BS process! Finally got out in 2005. All done now 🙂
    Edit to add: Also notice you have the 29th ID up there too (the yin yang one). Also one of my units (my national guard unit was the 29th, before changing to the 26th)

  19. I want to enlist in the army, I broke my arm when I was young and they did surgery will I be disqualified? It doesn’t bother me at all btw. If I didn’t have surgery I can just not mention it but they will see the scars (not bad scars but clearly surgical)

  20. Best advice I can give tell your recruiter everything, they’re going to put you in

    Tell Meps nothing they’re going to keep you out

  21. My recruiter told me too lie about juvinile DISMISSAL charges and MENTAL HEALTH dude was a asshole he said that if I dont lie he won't send me too meps I dont understand what are waivers for if the recruiter wants too lie and I wanted too to INFANTRY so I guess I'm not going.

  22. Just got outta meps and lied my ass off. Just lie. If it’s about something like a heart condition then you have no business enlisting.

  23. My daughters Bf has plates in his skull and had an ear reattached. His recruiter said don’t mention it. He’s now being accepted into boot camp. He was denied entry 2 years ago due to the same issues. He is not seeking a waver. Can anyone help. He will not ask for a waver and tell the truth. Is this to just get away for a bit knowing he will get denied or is he truly gonna continue with the fraud? Do I have any options to prevent my daughter from running away with a coward who would risk her future lying to the federal government?

  24. I just want to laugh very loud. Because i in love your photo using the scammer from nigerian. I know who you are now.

  25. Hey, I have very very slight scoliosis. I am in great shape and workout daily. It doesnt effect me AT ALL. Do I need to disclose this? If I do will it prevent me from joining?

  26. Can anyone tell me if they ask for medical records for everyone or if they don’t even ask for that

  27. Okay so this question might be hard to answer, but as someone who isn't living in the US and would like to enlist what do I have to do?

  28. Your recruiter is the best source for information. That said not all recruiters are alike. Some a great and others are poor. If you need to, go to the next town over and talk to that one. Your recruiter should be able to handle and advise on all your concerns so that MEPS and other parts of the process go smooth. If you’re not confident, talk to them so that you will be!

  29. Passes meps last week on the 28th of May. The Friday right before holiday. I'm sure our group got lucky as the doctors wanted to get the hell out of there lol

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