Why was my Government Jobs Tentative Offer Rescinded?

This video covers what it means to have your federal government job offer rescinded. We also explain how it could happen and what options you have.

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20 thoughts on “Why was my Government Jobs Tentative Offer Rescinded?”

  1. What about receiving emails saying your resume was referred to the hiring manager and never hear anything other than that from the announcement

  2. What if you have a paid vacation (cruise) 30 days after the start date of the job offer? will the hiring manager allow for an unpaid leave of absence?

  3. I got an offer but I feel I should start in a higher step than what they offered, how high I can ask? (I already did the job as a contractor and have all the experience)

  4. Hello, I am a current federal employee who is having significant problems with my supervisor and I would like to quit my current job but would like to get another federal position as soon as possible. I have great fear this supervisor would give me a poor review to potential employers if I leave and I can't handle the stress if I stay. Any help is appreciated.

  5. Hello. I am awaiting a background check which I don't foresee any issues except one thing. I am concerned because my last job I had to leave without giving two weeks notice. I left on good terms and was a good worker but I feel that even so they may give me a bad reference. Does not giving my former employer two weeks give cause to rescind my job offer?

  6. Hi I recently had a tentative offer of employment rescinded. I did not fail any of the pre employment requirements for the immigration officer that I applied for. The letter I received states "our office has been notified by the USCIS Office of Security and Integrity that they cannot determine how long it will take to adjudicate your background investigation. The selecting official for the position which you applied has requested that the employment offer be withdrawn due to the program offices immediate need to fill the position in order to meet its mission requirements." I have emailed [email protected]uscis.dhs.gov and I also contacted the HR person who I was advised to contact if I had any questions, neither will return my emails or phone calls. My file was mismanaged due to a lack of communication between the lead Suitability Specialist from OPM and the selecting official for the position I applied for. Please advise me on how I can have my grievance heard because I am aware there is a Merrit system put in place and that my case deserves to at least be heard by someone

  7. I had my offer rescinded because my degree was not accredited by CAAHEP, however, I had disclosed this during my interview to the hiring manager and was told this was not a make or break. Does the hiring manager have any power over HR as far as overturning the rescinded offer?

  8. I had to decline an offer of DOD as salary was too low. I accepted a private hospital offer. I got the experience of management now and want to apply to the same agency (DOD). Will that affect my chances of being referred/hired as I declined the offer a year ago? Also, can I reach out to the hiring manager by email to reconnect if there is any opportunity in the future?

  9. Hey, I had a background check question. I received an offer of employment from the OCC and they've already run a criminal history check and credit report check prior to sending me the offer. There's a 2nd background check I have to do as part of the onboarding process some time closer to my start date (few months from now). Would you know what else they would be looking for in this 2nd background check?

  10. Its been a month and half since ive received a offer at a government hospital contingent on background check and haven't heard back after leaving message is it normal t ok be ghosted by employer

  11. About how long does it take after you completed your eqip and it was sent to opm go get an answer, thank you very much.

  12. Hi Kasey. I got a Tentative Job Offer from VA hospital but the salary was much lower than my current pay. Am I supposed to negotiate the salary now? or later in the process?

    Option1 – Send my current paystubs to the HR personnel? or select "Request to be contacted" from the USAstaffing website.
    Option2 – Accept the tentative job offer from USAstaffing website, go through a background check, etc.. negotiate later

    Your other video says I should accept the tentative job offer now and negotiate when the firm offer is presented. I wonder if it's the same for VA hospital…

  13. I just finished my New Hire Task Survey. I had a due date of five days after accepting my TO to complete the required tasks. All that is left is my Affa Davit and E-QIP. I applied for Material Handler at NMC Earle in New Jersey. If I am a Veteran (Honorably discharged in August 2016) Will that speed up the process of getting my security clearance and EOD?

    When can I expect Finger Prints? Before or after I do E-QIP?

    Are the New Hire tasks lists traditional or a reflection of COVID-19?


  14. 3 weeks ago I did my prints and had to wait for my backround check. So today I got 2 emails. One email containing 2 pdfs, one pdf was a general letter about the applied for position. the second pdf was the rescind letter stating that the position is no longer available.
    The second email was from ecareers stating the position was canceled. Nothing further detaiking any cause on my end was at fault
    So what does this all mean?
    Please help

  15. I'm a current federal employee; I applied for a promotion overseas and was selected. I accepted the tentative job offer and did all the paperwork the same day. Fast forward one month and I get an email saying my job offer is being rescinded, the agency has "cancelled the vacancy" and the position is being re-advertised and interested candidates should reapply. No reason for the rescind at all; all my stuff is in order. I'm lost??

  16. I had a job offer resended from me because of unfavourable reference but I didn't I have my service line listed on my resume at all. I accepted the ttentive offer that morning 5/28/2021 @9:48am and it was rescind after my tour duty end at 16:20pm .what can do because I am afraid that any job apply for might have this issue again. I would be glad to share my documents and thoughts references check was suppose be done by hiring manager before make a selection?

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