Why Was My Spousal Sponsorship Application Refused?

Spousal sponsorship applications are lengthy and can be very complicated. With so many application forms and documents to submit, it can be easy to make a mistake that leads to your application being refused or returned. Today, Jade reviews some of the most common Spousal Sponsorship application mistakes and ways to prevent making them.

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25 thoughts on “Why Was My Spousal Sponsorship Application Refused?”

  1. Mam my study permit expired on 6th feb but I applied for extension for the same on 5th feb . I had to renew it to complete my ongoing study . So i am on implied status , can i work part time or not ?

  2. Hey Jade I guess your website is not working wanted to ask you whether you provide assistance in LMIA if yes please reply and I will share my details on email provided by you. Thanks

  3. We started the process on November 15 2019 To put it bluntly, it says on my account we are reviewing you meet the eligibility requirements. * October 9 2020 you passed the medical exam. *we do not need additional documents. November 5 2020 you have completed your interview.*we do not need your fingerprints.*we are processing your background check.we will send you massage if we nedd more information.* your application is in progress.we well send you a massage once the final decision has been made.He says he has not made a decision yet. I am four months old What's better, help me. My wife misses me so much help me !!!!!!! My email [email protected] com please help me !!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jade, I just want to say thank you so much for this information. It was very helpful. I recently just got married this year back home in Uganda and I want to sponsor my wife here but I don't know where to start

  5. Thanks for this amazing information! When it comes to sponsorship outside of Canada, how do you go about signing documentation if the two people are in different countries ? For example I am in Uk and my fiancé to be in Mississauga. I’m guessing electronic signature is not allowed.

  6. Me and wife we are planning of getting married what do I need or what to we need for the sponsorship please am expecting your feedback thanks

  7. For someone who got married and he or she want the application to be proccess while he or she want to be in Canada how long time it take for permenment resident and someone who want the application to be proccess while he or she is outside Canada which is more better and how long time it take thanks ad Please am expecting your feedback once again thanks for understanding

  8. My common-law partner is married in the Philippines but they have been separated but not legally for almost 15 years and we have been cohabiting for almost 10 years and im going to migrate to Canada is there a chance for me to get him to Canada as common law partner?

  9. Thanks for the information. I submitted my wife's Spousal sponsorship application last week. After watching your video, I have realized that I missed the name and date of birth, the name and complete address of the photography studio, the date the photograph was taken.
    Please advice

  10. Thanks you so much, I just got married and my husband wanna sponsored me but its really stressful but now we watched the video we are aware about avoid refusal

  11. Hello mam. I would like to know after decision has been made in online status. What does it means? Is it approved or what? My application status was updated on 9th April into decision made but no correspondence letter received yet.

  12. I am from America and I had a negative covid test and I have my vaccines and my quarantine plan and I have never been to Canada in my life I downloaded ArriveCAN I had that filled out and my common law spouse and I were so excited to finally see each other due to Covid-19 I took care of my brother that had two anueritic strokes and three surgeries and also has type 2 diabetes and my father passed away so my brother was done with all of his therapy and he is feeling better so I was so happy to go by my fiancé and they denied me at the border after driving 7 hours

  13. If the Canadian girls or the old cougars was the real women mean has women qualities we wouldn’t go abroad and have this pains and dealing with these none sense paper works
    Yes you ain’t real women mostly of you ain’t

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