Why You Think You Look Better in Selfies

You might have had the experience of heading out for the night, feeling good, snapping a few selfies with friends that memorialize for all time how great your hair is looking. But the next day, you’re tagged in someone else’s photos and… yikes. How did you look so good in your photos and not in your friends’? Was that actually what you looked like all night?

Hosted by: Hank Green
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26 thoughts on “Why You Think You Look Better in Selfies”

  1. So true! I've been thinking a lot about it since I've started working from home and have to do lots of Zoom meetings. I was devastated when I found out that the mirroring option in Zoom is actually showing the mirrored image just to me, and everybody else keep seeing me they way they did before lol And my husband's annoyed when I bring this subject up, cause he thinks I look nice either way 😀

  2. I think it’s obvious. People take “glamour shots”. Pictures from the perfect angle, the perfect expression on their face, etc, etc

  3. I have never taken a good selfie (although it's rare that I try … why would I want to look at myself?), but I rarely look good in other people's photos either, so I'm not sure what this proves other than that I shouldn't be in photos…

  4. Bold of you to assume i think i look good in pictures, in some i might say yes, so im just generally ugly? Is that it? If our perception is wrong than we dont have a "best side" they are all equally bad? I usually feel prettier in the mirror than in photos, when i try to take a pic when i think i look nice its awful

  5. I don't take selfies because I think it's uncomfortable and hate looking at myself in pictures, so…

  6. i have the reverse of this. in my mind, im fabulously gorgeous allllll the time. i dont like mirrors or pix. i dont care if others have to look at my ugly face, its magnificent from where im standing 😀

  7. Hank, this might actually be a really great argument FOR representation. A scientific explanation why seeing more different types of people is good for humans.

  8. I already knew the answer would be "because selfies tend to be mirrored", but watched the video anyway just to prove to myself that I know things. xD

  9. not really correct on the whole mirror thing, it isn't left looks like the right, it is more inverted front to back
    IMO a mirror is a truer self- image than a camera, because a camera lens can introduce lens distortion, although i am sure phone selfie cameras have improved some, there is variation from phone to phone and distance is a factor too

    physics girl did a whole video on this, and even her conclusion was mirror leaning

  10. Using zoom for the past year with the mirroring turned off has actually made me very familiar with my face as others see it! Now, I think most photos taken of me look pretty normal.

  11. I almost threw up when he talked about holding a frog… Thank God my phobia doesn't interfere in my life, I don't want exposure therapy…

  12. So..if you treat racism like you treat fear, does it mean that racism is just fear? Hmmm…

  13. When fast food companies try to use the mere exposure effect on my it always backfire especially if the advertisement is an unskippable youtube ad

  14. While the mirroring does play into it, for me, it helps that I see my grimaces. I care too much about what other people might think of a photo of me and if I smile, it might be a held back one or just forced. When taking a selfie, I see what my face is doing in the viewfinder and I can correct any weirdness.

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