Why You’re Not Hearing Back from Hiring Managers | Reasons Why Your Job Application is Ignored

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In this video I’m going to go through 6 reasons why you’re not hearing back from hiring managers and what to do about it. If you’ve been asking “why am I being ghosted after the interview?”, “why is my application being ignored by the hiring manager?”, “why don’t I hear back from hiring managers?”, then this video is for you!


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39 thoughts on “Why You’re Not Hearing Back from Hiring Managers | Reasons Why Your Job Application is Ignored”

  1. So on point. If you want to get THAT call from HR, show your value to the employer. Thanks for sharing this, Linda.

  2. Thank you Linda! I had a last minute interview request and went over your interview videos and I got call back the same day with a job offer. Selling yourself really is key, im recent graduate with limited experience and honestly your videos really helped with those typical interview questions and showing confidence

  3. One thing I’ve noticed is that I usually don’t get callbacks from jobs that require submitting application materials through the online portals. I have much better luck applying to jobs when I send a direct email to the organization

  4. 02:04 – Your resume does not look exciting

    04:50 – You did not know how to sell yourself well

    06:42 – Your name is everywhere, to the point where they’re tired of seeing it

    09:25 – Your call or email relentlessly

    10:23 – Your LinkedIn profile isn’t showcasing your value in a professional way

    12:15 – You are not tailoring yourself to the role and company – both on the resume and in the interviews.

  5. Unfortunately do to Worker's compensation laws in Michigan, I am forced to apply for multiple jobs(3-5) a week, forced to apply for jobs I can't physically perform or is outside/beneath my qualifications.
    I am beyond frustrated and depressed over the constant rejection, either not qualified, or can't perform because of my physical limitations.
    What more am I supposed to do to be hired? I'm getting the interviews, just not the job

  6. You want to know what the reality is? I got an email saying my application is still waiting to be reviewed, and at the bottom it said there were "995 applicants." This is what you all are going up against.

  7. Omg thanks because I’m in my last year of highschool and I’m really trying to find a job before I start college so I can pay for my tuition fees
    Update: I got an interview!!

  8. Hi there, your tutorials helped me alot in this unprecedented time. i had an interview and got the offer letter the next day in my inbox.. Was amazed too considering the massive unemployment rate in Dubai and thousands of applicant

  9. Thx for your videos. What percentage of advertised jobs on indeed do you think are legitimate or based just on Linkedin trying to build up their volume?

  10. I already applied for this job twice and they still dont call me. I even had a reference that works there and I applied as soon as the job was posted.I even called 3 business days after I applied and they just told me the spots were full. Its so frustrating

  11. i tink my problem is that my resume is not at all in the topic of the job discribtion, my application is about fashion desighning while that job opening was about marchantizing. i've applide for the job at target and i still am getting those emails that i dint get the job.

  12. Linda, I passed the screening and final interviews. Was offered the job, but the offer was rescinded because I didn't include a firing over 10 years ago. Is this common?

  13. Hi what if after Maki g it to the final 3rd round and the employer writes to me to tell me to keep waiting and it's been 4 months what do I do. The employer writes to me every two weeks to let me know that a decision has still not been made. I have asked them to reject me or to Co firm if I have the job but they just keep telling me to wait. What do I do

  14. All hiring managers are different. What's rambling for one is a too short answer for another. They're all biased and there is no single best way to present yourself.

  15. Hello Linda,

    I hope this message reaches you.

    I live in London (UK), and I wanted to ask you two questions.

    Firstly, how much of your CV and career advice is relevant and valid for job seekers like me, who live in the UK?

    Secondly, I have a chronic medical condition which is Osteoarthritis, and due to my medical condition I have been unable to work in any professional job position since May 2018. Therefore, I have been unemployed for the past 2 and a half years.

    I can no longer financially afford to be unemployed and I need to start working in a part-time job position as soon as possible, so that I can pay for my basic necessities such as food, housing costs etc.

    I also need to pay for my healthcare treatments.

    I have applied for over 30 jobs, but I have not had any interviews or job offers.

    I would immensely appreciate it and be eternally grateful to you if you could do a YouTube video or a blog article which explains what you would do if you were in my situation, and how you would explain the employment gap on your CV.

    Also, what would you if you needed to get a part-time job as soon as possible but you also needed a job where the employer and company would understand and support your medical condition and provide you with the necessary workplace adjustments that you need in order to be able to effectively undertake your job role.

    I look forward to your reply,

    Thank you very much,

    Kind regards,

    Tom White.

  16. I’m 16, which is when you can really get a job at any fast food job in Florida and even a lot of other places, I’ve been submitting applications and they just don’t respond, I really need the money and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, what do I do

  17. That's the one thing I hate about HR they think hustle is "desperate", constantly trying to get a job at the company is someone YOU DONT WANT?! HR is fcuked…..

  18. Someone: applies to a lot of jobs because they want to work for the company
    HR: ewww this person looks like they actually wanna work here

    HR is trash!

  19. So then….

    1) Don't say too much and don't say too little. Say enough to make them drool over your resume with stoned eyes.
    2) Don't give too much detail and don't give too less detail. Measure the amount before sending in the application.
    3) Don't let them know every skill you have learnt for the job that maybe useful
    4) Don't breathe too much and don't breathe too little
    5) Don't send in too many applications even though you maybe homeless by next month
    cause appearing desperate to survive is a turnoff
    6) Make your resume exciting even though you are just starting off to build a career and have no experience as a VP or CEO.

    Every job seeker is desperate unless you are working for fun and have access to your rich daddy's moolah. It's easy to say don't be desperate but with the amount of ignorance from companies and the use of automation technology for interviews and the manual effort required by application systems making applicants spend countless hours tailoring their resume and cover letter to each job …..WHO WOULDN'T TURN INTO A DESPO? . There is no guarantee of anything and no rule that when you spend hours on few applications in the name of quality instead of quantity that you will receive that interview for sure. Infact, you feel more desperate for not hearing back when you made extra efforts on one job application vs many.

  20. Thanks for this video and agree, but we're also in unprecedented times right now in 2021 when MILLIONS of people are out and yes they are probably attempting various ways to get a hiring manager's attention. Of course we never want to appear desperate. I'm finding that some of the interviewers don't know how to interview people but are in hiring positions.

  21. Many companies are not honest about what they are looking for in employees. People need jobs or careers and they do not care about hiring people. This is why I started my own business, but I still need a supporting career to have the funds to invest in my business.

  22. Thanks for letting me know that all my long list of credentials and awards is too long for recruiter to validate me. I wish we can do that with people and partners lol. Weird how we don't apply this judgment towards our own sons and daughters and who we should end up with. What business does to people. Dang

  23. I appreciate the conclusion. Employers are acting kind of robotic. Sometimes
    People Don't have it all together.
    And Don't use computer technology

  24. Thanks a lot Linda! I heard a saying that "You need a referral name mentioned in cover letter, otherwise the CV will go sank down." Is this true? I am a PhD looking for scientist position in big pharma. Do you have any specific advice for scientist? Looking forward for related video 🙂

  25. What about when you've had several interviews already, the recruiter said you did great & the director & working diligently to get you in, etc. It's been over a month & no offer. This hospital system is known for taking a long time, but this is insane. I sent follow up emails & everything

  26. What’s really irritating is the hiring manager can’t speak clearly, so the phone interview is interrupted. Lol. If you speak with a dialect please email the applicants. Lol

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