Will a jail conviction lead to a refused Australian partner visa?

Will a jail conviction for a serious crime prevent an Australian man from sponsoring his lady from the Philippines for an Australian partner visa, spouse visa or fiancee visa? What sort of crimes, and how much time in jail? Will we lose the visa application charge if the visa is refused?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has protection in place for vulnerable ladies migrating to Australia when a man has a history of violence and/or sexual offenses. This is to protect women and children from family violence. What should you do if you have a conviction?

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2 thoughts on “Will a jail conviction lead to a refused Australian partner visa?”

  1. Des. I have got 3 times drink driving offences and another 2 times driving unregistered vehicle on my AFP. i was deported from Australia in jan 2016 bcz i overstayed visa. Now i am married to Australian citizen and i my visa application has already been submitted to immigration for partner visa. Are there any chances that i may not get visa bcz of DUI offences sticking on my AFP. Plz plz plz i beg your advice i am being very stressful. I will appreciate your advice. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello, my question is if someone have been convicted in a serious nature of crime and done few years in prison and later removed from Australia but this man is normal member of the community and have made a wrong choice at some point and now he is skilled and have qualification, family, rehabilated himself and working as a community worker.finish his exclusion period.
    What his chances to get back his p r visa.help me out please

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