Wizards' Staff Responds to the Background Check Issues…Poorly

WOTC staff goes full blown deny, deflect, defend on the issue of background checks for judges and doubles down on doing the absolute bare minimum required by law to keep children safe. Good job, Wizards!

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40 thoughts on “Wizards' Staff Responds to the Background Check Issues…Poorly”

  1. Michael cox says:

    Just a thought…Do the people whom defend pedos have children?

  2. Thrill Mill says:

    Way to cover your tracks, WOTC.

  3. havoc905 says:

    hyper liberal is pretty conservative by today's standard :^)))))

  4. Jeff Mason says:

    Any legitimate NPO that uses large volunteer pools to perform their services on behalf of the NPO performs background checks on EVERY volunteer that represents them. And these are not-for-profit organizations! A for-profit organization with WotC pockets should be doing the same for the volunteer judges that are representing their company.

  5. Smiffy Mork says:

    in before flood of SJW's and Pro Pedos . Keep up the work DES.!!!!!!!!

  6. ken j yue says:

    Pedobear life matters lol.

  7. Be Cause says:

    For some reason, I can't hear audio on your newest videos. I can hear the audio on other videos, just not yours.

  8. Leonidus225 says:

    Cats??? Did you see the cute little porg?

  9. zero_consequences says:

    Lol LGBTQ…P I know its wrong but i'm laughing anyway.

  10. Jeffrey Hafner says:

    Does the P stand for pandas?

  11. zero_consequences says:

    btw that Lou Colagiovanni tweet was actually from the writer of a piece done on Jeremy/Sprankle and he actually might be doing another piece on the magic judge program so he's not an asshole, he's probably one of our best allies.

  12. Michelle Wong says:

    I love how the "misinformation" alleged by Elaine caused a sudden update to the DCI ban list. Elaine, how come you did not mention those edits to the ban list? Oh, it's because you would actually have to admit that Jeremy was right.

  13. s4m3fu says:

    Oh so that's what this whole thing is about. Yeah, I don't want pedophiles to be around anyone's children at all. On the video about Jeremy's channel, I wasn't exactly sure what was going on but I know now.

  14. Since The Fawn of Time says:


  15. Cameron McQuarrie says:

    They aren't saying that. Well not intentionally. They meant to say that they banned the pedos once they were brought to their attention. They didn't do their homework. But took action once Jeremy did it for them.

    Also the judge program is completely separate from WotC. At least until the courts tell WotC they aren't.

    And they are taking action to get back ground checks. You guys won! Not sure what else you're looking for here?

  16. Cameron McQuarrie says:

    We need to treat pedos to a free rocket trip into the sun.

  17. DabFaceKillah says:

    Death by Snu Snu!!!!

  18. Orange Juice says:

    Good thing we have internet archives!

  19. Patrick joel Mendoza says:

    Guys are there any modern banned or otherwise goblin cards and does fnm usually do modern

  20. VengfulDarkness says:

    Would be ok with killing sex offenders, but a lot of the time sex crimes come down to he said she said because evidence is easily contaminated, faked, or lost. So while if I ever met a sex offender I doubt I could keep myself from beating them within an inch of their life, I can't in clear conscience think a death penalty for a crime so easily faked.

  21. Filipe Borges says:

    If Judge program is separated from WOTC why any serious tournament REQUIRES a judge?

  22. AGENT 97 says:

    There are probably a bunch of chimos' on the Hasboro board.

  23. cynical optimist says:

    Hey, don't lump flat earthers into the same group as pedos.

  24. Scutes-R-Us Mtg says:

    Elaine thinks she is a Jedi. These are not the sex offenders you are looking for.

  25. Scutes-R-Us Mtg says:

    Even when they did ban them they got banned for 5 years not a lifetime ban.

  26. Scutes-R-Us Mtg says:

    Pokemon professor's are background checked by Nintendo ( watch magicaltabletopgirls video on this subject)

  27. clayton mize says:

    Force of will is indeed not as complicated as MTG which was the point but we still have judges.

  28. JJPOW Gaming says:

    I am 18 and am going to my first fnm tomorrow any advice

  29. Adolwulf says:

    Great content once again! Stick it to them

  30. Kelly Beck says:

    Have to take test (of which I assume WotC has some input on to make sure the judges are prepared to judge), offically represents WotC as a judge (his judgment is "law".

    Magic Judges are not affiliated with WotC in any capacity…typical diversion. RiP WotC, Magic and D&D. Cancer wins again in destroying everythingmwe love.

  31. Delicious Morsels says:

    I seriously can't wait for this to blow up

  32. J M says:

    Pokemon does require a background check before you can hold or judge any event. You cannot finish the registration process until the results come back.

  33. John Wyeth says:

    Wotc needs to pay the judges, slavery is wrong man…

  34. Barnett Bairan says:

    It's only a matter of time when people will be protesting against discrimination against pedophiles. It might be unthinkable now but it was unthinkable a couple of decades ago that people would be protesting for the legalization of same sex marriage and that transexuals would be fighting for the right to use whatever sex bathroom they prefer.

  35. VagrentSaint says:

    Judges are not part of wizards.. but if you wanna report one contact wizards..
    Stealing the LGBTQP thing 🙂

  36. Huang Long Kohryu says:

    N on
    N on
    N on

  37. Harvey Birdman says:

    Guns are welcome at my shop…. gets robbed at gun point. ( sarcasm )

  38. Krieschu says:

    Maybe you should work on youre definition of "pedophile" at least here in germany pedophile just means you're attracted to kids (which is f-up) but that doesn't mean that they ever touched or molested a child. We even have a program for pedophile which is specifically there for them so they don't do anything sexual to children.

  39. TOKER TALK says:

    they are actively covering up the fact there are registered sex offenders in the judge program and they think this shit will fly? fuck these pedophile supporting apologists and the LGBTP advocates.

  40. Rich Smith says:

    People need to put some heat on hasbro as well. They are the parent company.

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