You Got a Job Offer…Now, Don't Mess It Up

Congratulations! You’ve received a job offer. Now the key is to not mess it up before the day you start your new job. MarketWatch’s Jacob Passy and WSJ’s Tanya Rivero discuss five ways to avoid bungling a job offer. Photo: Getty

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21 thoughts on “You Got a Job Offer…Now, Don't Mess It Up”

  1. Screw job offers. Build your own economy that is separate from the International Authoritarian Socialist economy. We are too smart, too productive, and too innovative to be slaves to the stale, calcified, predatory, looting, commie elite. Also, YouTube is more awesome than the WSJ and always will be. The legacy media is done!:)

  2. Now you are trying to screw youtube content creators over your fuck up. How petty. Sorry the damage is done. You are irrelevant. Remember more ppl who watch youtube are the future of this country who won't give you any attention. In other words. Bye Felicia.

  3. Uploading videos saying that companies are advertising "racist youtubers" when your own employees are being racist, you guys disgust me.

  4. I hope you all lost your jobs. You will not have a second chance on ANYONE who takes journalism seriously. You are a fuckin joke WSJ.

  5. No way, did that really happen?! Fuck you, delete your bullshit channel!!! You're all cancer!!!

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