Your Mortgage Makes You Act Right | Chris Rock: Total Blackout

There’s nothing like a good mortgage, and hell hath no fury like a bad one. Chris Rock: Total Blackout is now streaming with 25 minutes of all-new material, only on Netflix.


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26 thoughts on “Your Mortgage Makes You Act Right | Chris Rock: Total Blackout”

  1. Max says:

    Having to own land to take advantage of one of your god given rights? Okay Jimmy

  2. Mckindley Williams says:

    i dont agree. shit i should be able to protect my apartment lol

  3. Jimmy Nguyen says:

    Yeah… i got a bad mortgage. Watching this on my neighbor's guest wifi…

  4. Qwest Ion E very thing says:

    This guy use to be funny. I guess once you old the funny goes away. Old age makes people salty there is no way around it.

  5. Daniel Perez says:


  6. Unknown Veteran says:

    The grind is real

  7. Dzung Lu says:

    Mortgage is like engagement.
    Can’t break it off cause he promised a better life.
    He’ll tell you, go to sleep and he goes to work to build a better life.
    Is he really working or doing something else? Wink wink! ( Messing around).
    Yes it’s liking walking on a tightrope, if lucky slowly but surely you reach to the other end or you can fall off and lose it.

  8. doug m says:



  9. Aaron Hahn says:

    One of my favorite specials ever

  10. Joe SixPack says:

    Mine's an 862. Not only am I not killing nobody, I might actually bring motherf*ckers back from the dead with that score. lol

  11. Ser Lawrence Harlem says:

    All mass shooters are Democrats too. Ray Ray aint got no 720 and hes smoking black people at a record pace. Shit the KKK is jealous of Ray Ray but a fan of him still.

  12. Deebo Nash says:

    I wonder what criminals obey laws. Hey Chris why don’t you have a translator for Spanish speak to the Mexicans to fight against cartels getting guns. Dumbass

  13. Martin Nduati says:

    By that definition of a bad mortgage, I got one, and won't even have a house when I'm done! Call it debt.

  14. Leah Malkin says:

    You become enslaved to your home. Miss a payment and depending on your contract,…life can quickly began to spiral.

  15. Grigor Avetisyan says:

    my wife is my boss. We work together. So… " that fucking mortgage"

  16. Chizoba Ugwuanyi says:

    Chris Rock one of d best prominent comedians in 30 + years to really capture d reality of everyday people n skillfully put it out …….in ironic n paradoxical content.

  17. Specules Gorgoth says:

    The meaning of the word mortgage is death pledge. The word note means evidence of debt. We do not have money we have debt and credit.

  18. Rubeinstein says:


  19. Mike Meade says:

    When I think about doing something that's against the law, I remember I can't pay the mortgage while I'm in jail.

  20. Infinity Tricks says:

    Honestly Chris should be and would be an effective politician/leader. He sees the reality of our daily lives and humor is his gift.

  21. Infinity Tricks says:

    Ironically the word “mortgage “ is a debt until death.

  22. NFL3 RAE says:

    Chris is funny

  23. TheTallMan35 says:

    If you can't afford to add half of your mortgage payment to the principal only in addition to your regular monthly payment you can't afford that house. This is the problem. People buying homes they can't afford. NOBODY should spend 30 years of their life paying off a mortgage.

  24. Michael Curtis says:

    Funny part…. Chris rock DOES NOT have a mortgage

  25. Pascal Cooper says:

    What if you buy your house outright?

  26. Nicholas Jones says:

    How can I defend myself if someone breaks down the door to my motel room?

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