Zulmi (HD) Akshay Kumar | Twinkle Khanna | Bollywood Hindi Full Action Movie (With Eng Subtitles)

Bal Raj Dutt is one of the most powerful personalities in the City. He has a daughter, Komal. He has the responsibility of taking care of Nihal, the only son of his Godfather Baba. One day, Balraj witnesses a single man Raj beating up a bunch of goons. He is impressed with Raj and hires him to be his daughter’s bodyguard. Initially Komal is not very happy with having a bodyguard but eventually falls in love with Raj. However, Raj has a sad side to his past. His sister was murdered by someone. Raj is shocked to find out that the person who murdered his sister is none other than Nihal, who is Balraj’s son. What will Raj do? Will he be able to kill his Boss’s son?

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42 thoughts on “Zulmi (HD) Akshay Kumar | Twinkle Khanna | Bollywood Hindi Full Action Movie (With Eng Subtitles)”

  1. Ashik Surywanshi says:


  2. Valmeek Sir says:

    Goodness never dies, it is ineradicable, goodness is the symbol of manliness.

  3. Aman Baloch says:

    Me too remind me my child hood how stupid i was lolsssssssssssssssssss

  4. Bablu Kumar Prajapati says:


  5. Saddam Hossain says:

    Very nice

  6. Vijay Nayak says:

    Nice movie

  7. Ansh Saxena says:

    mithun saxena

  8. Waqas Ali shah says:

    How it possible akshy survive

  9. Maruf khan KHan says:

    Friend code is as follows order

  10. Ema Ma says:

    Zulmi subtitle Indonesia

  11. Bubul Das says:

    Emotional ending

  12. sk Anish says:

    Bug Raju

  13. Sana Kha says:

    Yeh Dil lagi movi daliye plz

  14. ANUJ RAJA says:

    Superb movie!

  15. Md Shahid says:

    Very nice move

  16. Nizamuddin Shah says:


  17. Shri ram lodhi p. k Shri ram lodhi says:


  18. Md Muzammil says:


  19. Md Muzammil says:


  20. Ariyan Shukla says:

    I m here for only twinkle khanna

  21. Krishna Adhikary says:


  22. Kumobati Baghel says:

    G TBH

  23. pk malik says:


  24. Itz isoken nice Gift says:

    English subtitles pls

  25. Tara says:

    nice ending

  26. Parmod kumar Varma says:


  27. MegaSebr says:

    Twinkle can't act at all lol

  28. reshma shah says:

    Superb movie
    Love – 30%
    Emotional 30%
    Osm movie-100%

  29. Naeem Ahmad says:

    Wow very nice movie

  30. Ankit Yadav says:

    Apun ka bhai ka aagaya

  31. Khalid Ali says:

    Wazeere aazam

  32. Rahul Mahato says:

    Itna sara film aur ekinsan

  33. Roshni Blog World Video says:

    Hahahaha acting dykho phatu logo ki

  34. Asif Riyaz says:


  35. sonu Kumar says:

    Nice movie

  36. Je Gazala says:


  37. Je Gazala says:

    Teeth.tooth.mou khula

  38. Je Gazala says:


  39. Je Gazala says:

    Gold sona.

  40. Rana Mehran says:

    What a movie yar

  41. Rajesh Kumar Singh says:

    The movie is sweetheart

  42. NASIR QURESHI says:


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